Slava is a creative entrepreneur, startup founder, film director/producer. His certain that one should never stop learning and look for any chance to improve oneself. At his work he is particularly attentive to details and always strives for the best quality. At present he is working on his Eligent startup expansion, creative projects and new book/film based on real stories. He is also passioned about helping others on their entrepreneurial journeys and running series of workshops and lectures about startups to share his knowledges and experience. Currently he is Entrepreneur In Residence at PPE Project of Westminster Business School.

    "Slava has a rational, no nonsense​, pragmatic approach to solving problems. Coupled with a likeable personality and sense of humour, he is a pleasure to work with. He brings drive and passion into the room. For someone working in the highly expensive and competitive business, his understanding of the problems at hand and suggestions at resolving them was both refreshing and effective. I look forward to working with you in the future, Slava!"

    Alexander Mercury, Director at Mercury Films

    "The mentoring session is an amazing opportunity to enable us entrepreneurial students to speak with someone who has direct experience in business. It is bridging the gap from theory to the real world. I spoke with Slava about my business idea to connect people to the internet and he provided me with questions to do further research to make the idea world more effectively in the real world. I will be asking for further advice in the near future and the PPE Entrepreneur in Residence is an invaluable resource to have for our course."

    Jonathan Pullock, BA Entrepreneurship Student of Westminster Business School

    "Slava worked on our promotional video for Saint Aymes. It was a behind the scenes and interview video. Slava has the creativity, attention to detail and professionalism that makes working with him a pleasure. He works with a great team also and every project with Slava is a pleasure. 100% recommend."

    Lois Wilson, Co-Founder, Creative Director of Saint Aymes

    "My mentoring session with Mr Slava was very insightful, full of information and very useful, I would have asked him much more questions however the time got to the better of us... I do genuinely look up to him as a mentor as I find him to be very helpful in the field that he works in, I do hope to keep these meetings on a regular basis, as I am sure it will help me grow my business skills."

    Mahmood Al-Rashdi, BA Entrepreneurship Student of Westminster Business School

    "The most important thing is that after the workshop a person who only thinks to star a tech company will get a clear picture of what to expect, where to focus and what team to build."

    Stas Kulminski, Co-Founder, Partymaker App

    "Slava is outspoken, confident communicator with a talent for immersing and inspiring the audience."

    Varun Madhukara, Software Engineer/Web Dev, Varun Madhukara

    "It was a pleasure working with Slava. He is extremely professional, hardworking, and talented. He was able to take our initial ideas and create something that vastly exceeded our expectations. The quality of his work speaks for itself, and he is now my go-to guy for all of our videography projects."

    Anthony Phillip, Co-Founder of Instros Only, Instros Only

    "Slava was a pleasure to work with. He is a professional, engaging and a well experienced speaker and startup business advisor. He led an insightful, practical and well-structured workshop for Westminster’s Creative Enterprise Students."

    Shiela Birungi, Centre Manager and Entreprenuership Programme Manager at Creative Enterprise Centre, Westminster University

    "Slava has a practical, no-nonsense approach to his work, but with a keen eye for creativity and brand awareness. Slava created a marketing video for my college’s website featuring me as the headteacher. It was my first real time on film but he made me feel confident and comfortable. I really enjoyed the experience. He comes highly recommended."

    Antonia Evans, Joint Head Teacher, Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC

    "Slava was a pleasure to work with. He is a professional, engaging and a well experienced speaker and startup business advisor."

    Olesya Panova, Director, BloomsArt

    "In the session, Slava has guided me to the exact way of how to solve areal physical problem by using a digital system. He have announced all his talents and creative approaches in placing my idea on track. This has caused me even more confidence in my idea as an entrepreneur student, also to be motivated and keep heading to achieve my goal. For sure I will come take more advices. Appreciated!"

    "I knew that I had found an inspiring entrepreneur who I would learn from, the first time I heard Slava speak at the Westminster business school about Eligent task manager. He brought incredible insight, balanced perspectives and at the same time has challenged me at all the right times to push myself that much harder to achieve my ambitions. His kindness and willingness to share his own experiences has been incredible. Specially to have insights from a highly talented entrepreneur who is growing in every aspect of his profession has been very motivating personally. Our conversations helped me grow personally and professionally."

    "A founder’s pitch is like the distilled essence of startup and founder. Done well it is a key that unlocks doors, badly, bridges are burnt. So to film pitches it is absolutely vital to get the tone, style and flow correct. Slava and his team were unobtrusive and sensitive during our pitch day at The Startup Leadership Program. They successfully captured our founders in their stride. Not an easy brief. Thank you."

    "I really appreciate how open you were to answering our questions and tailoring the talk to suit the needs of the audience; your drive, professionalism and commitment to harnessing and optimising entrepreneurship really shone through, and I know that we all left feeling stimulated and inspired by what we had seen and heard."